During November 2015 a small group of friends, aware of the increasing homeless problem, decided to try and make the lives of people sleeping rough a little more bearable.


We wanted to get out there on the streets and make a difference in person. So with the help of local bands, a venue and some volunteers, we hosted our first fundraising gig. Not only was it an entertaining event, we raised enough money to purchase blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothing, flasks, food and trollies to transport it around the streets.

The first distribution rounds were set up in Hastings and it was a great success. However it became apparent the homeless situation was growing and we needed more help and donations.

A Facebook page was set up and the response was phenomenal. Within a couple of months our distribution teams grew, allowing us to spread to neighbouring towns, Bexhill and Eastbourne.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength.  After a few weeks we began asking for donations from the public and various local companies and charities. We were not disappointed, Dom’s Food Mission provided us with toiletries and food. Hastings Direct donated £150 and donations of food from Tesco, and other stores throughout Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne.

And it hasn't stopped there…

In July 2016 Warming Up The Homeless were nominated by More Radio Hastings for the 'Chris Copsy Gold Award', an accolade we were overjoyed to go on and win!

In 2017 local Design Studio Bamb donated their time to help us launch a more useful website, to see us through the next few years of growth.

The Future

We are slowly forging links with local agencies and charities so we can all work together with one aim. 

We plan to increase the number of distribution teams hopefully setting up groups in other towns.

Working together the possibilities are boundless. Lets keep going forward and upwards.


The definition of homelessness means not having a home. You are homeless if you have nowhere to stay and are living on the streets, but you can also be homeless even if you have a roof over your head: if you are staying with friends or family, staying in a hostel, night shelter, B&B, Women’s Refuge, in emergency accommodation, in a squat, sofa surfing, living somewhere temporarily without a tenancy agreement, at risk of violence or abuse in your home, living in poor conditions that affect your health, living apart from your family because you don’t have a place to live together or living in a car or tent. Homelessness also means if living in a houseboat with no legal means to moor it, or a caravan or mobile home but have no means to legally park it.


Our mission is the relief of poverty among the street homeless/rough sleepers and homeless through the provision of items to support basic needs such as sleeping bags, ground sheets, survival sheets, blankets, clothing, food and toiletries. We also aim to improve the individual’s welfare through emotional support, even if it’s just a smile or by signposting them to other services. We endeavour to prevent harm to health by referring to emergency and similar services as and when necessary throughout Hastings, St Leonards, Eastbourne and Bexhill.